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Protect your style; ribcap your head!

We strongly believe in the concept of fashion and safety. Both are becoming more & more important. All Ribcap are made of the highest quality fabrics combined with our unique integrated protective pads.

Soft protection

On the other hand, Ribcap protects - not like a helmet but a lot more than an ordinary cap. Thanks to sewn-in protectors. That's the core of the cap: soft, viscoelastic protectors instead of a hard shell. While hard material either holds its form or breaks on impact, viscoelastic material reshapes itself and so absorbs the impact energy. Thats soft protection.

Foldable, comfortable & stowable

All Ribcap are very comfortable to wear thx to our use of finest fabrics. Each Ribcap can easily be folded to put it away in your bag or closet.