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What is the use of Ribcap?

The Ribcap is suitable for any sport or activity where you would normally wear a hat or beanie and where a helmet is not obligatory. Ribcaps are particularly useful for all those outdoor activities associated with minimal risk. The protectors which are sewn into the Ribcap protect the head against scratches, abrasions and cooling.  Many of our customers also use it daily as it is comfortable and stylish.


Is Ribcap like a helmet?

Ribcap is not a helmet but it is much more than an ordinary cap.  The company is fully devoted to the “Soft Protection Technology”.  Ribcap is designed for those whom want a certain level of protection, but at the same time wearing a comfortable, fashionable cap.  We say “Ribcap your head and protect your style”

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) model category 1, directive 89/686/EEC

What kind of injuries does the Ribcap help to prevent?

Every injury is different and every fall or impact produces other forces and has other effects. The Ribcap provides a good protection at the moment of an impact on slippery surfaces (for example slopes, ice rink or snow-covered roads) or when hitting your head against round objects. But it almost doesn’t protect you from sharp objects (for example a ski stick) because of the soft protection material. The Ribcap provides protection against scratches, abrasions and cooling.

What material are the protectors made of?

The material from which the protectors are manufactured is a Swiss high-tech material with visco-elastic characteristics and is manufactured exactly to the requirements of Ribcap through a complicated electronic network procedure. This is how density and hardness of the material can be precisely adjusted to our request. The material is very light, 100% breathable and also remains unaffected during very low temperatures. The protection material is certified with the „Oeko-Tex Standard 100“. This confirms that the material is free from pollutants and solvents (Test-Nr. ZHAO 053928).

What material is the Ribcap made of?

Ribcap is knitted on the outside with a high quality Italian yarn (50% Merino-wool / 50% Acryl) and fleece on the inside so that it doesn’t unpleasantly itch. The protectors are made out of Swiss high-tech material with visco-elastic characteristics. The Ribcap is 100% breathable and also remains unaffected during very low temperatures.

Why ist the Ribcap in different sizes available?

The Ribcap needs to fit your head properly in order to obtain optimal protection. The Ribcap is available in four adult sizes (S/M/L/XL) and three children’s sizes (Mini/Midi/Maxi). It is important that you select a Ribcap that fits your head accordingly.

Where are the Ribcaps produced? Do you ensure Fair Trade? 

Ribcap works together with companies who care about the environmental-friendly and sustainable production, who treat their employees with respect and where the products are produced in humane conditions. The protectors are developped and produced in Switzerland. The products are knitted and made-up for 100% in the European Union, where we work together with a medium-sized company who is specialised in the production of headgear. Ribcap organizes and checks the production itself.

What about summer?

Ribcap has developed a new model also for use in spring and summer. We use a different kind of protection material in our Ribcap hats. The summer models are lighter and provide you more ventilation during use. We also coolmax and Schoeller fabrics to guarantee the best breathability and level of comfort.

Where can I buy a Ribcap?

Go to the Storelocator and find out in what stores around the world you can buy a Ribcap. You can also order directly a Ribcap through our Online-Shop.